Thursday, January 29, 2009

Rare Youth

a ton of providence bands together on one album:
Black Pus; Furisbi; Kites; Mercy Light; Jean Cozzens; Jeames Amoeba; Siren Cult; Amil Bylecke; Area C; Xerxes; Rusian Tsarcasm; Mucid Cuspidor; Summer City; Alberich; Blue Shift; Feral Children; Siege Engine; I Would Eat That Pizza; Haunted House; Lucky Dragons; Synb; Lazy Magnet; Pedestrian Deposit; Chris Paddock; H2H; Leif Goldberg; Petal Boat; Unicorn Hard-On; What Cheer? Brigade; Red Delicious; Byron House; Mairead Donnely; Black Forest/ Black Sea; Total Gym; Workdeath; Diego Perez; God Willing; and Teenage Waistband, in that order. If you have any problems with the titling for the album, just ask. I had to do it by hand

Rare Youth (Disc 1)
Rare Youth (Disc 2)